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While it'd true that I'm not extensively experienced in d/s play & BDSM, I'm definitely not without experience in the more stereotypical activities (spanking, caning, flogging, bondage, discipline, humiliation, exhibitionism ,blah blah). As a switch, I've topped & bottomed, but have not infrequently found it difficult to feel I was truly submitting in scenes where I bottomed.I wanted to give up control & go with whatever my top desired, but I struggled; this happens especially with pain-related stuff....

First off, when early in a spanking or whatever, Itend to get flooded with endorphins & various feel-good body chemicals...........which is excellent except feeling so giddy makes me laugh, & frequently tops did not appreciate this. Second, I just don't have that high a tolerance for pain I can hit a place where I'm trying to stand it because my top want that, but I'm not enjoying it much.....& pretty soon I have to stop.

When I lee for tickling, I don't have this problem.. Tickling can play hugely with the line between pain & pleasure, & even dip into pain, but I love the sensations The feeling of panic & the inability to control my body or actions, this things that are the worst part of being a lee (& a great part of being a ler, too, natch).....are also the things that I love the most & seek out in tickling. Even when I hit a point in tickling where I want it to stop (the lovely "cry-laughs" etc)'s still different than spanking et al, where I felt little to no ambivalence about needing the pain to stop & my lack of enjoyment of it. With tickling, often those moments in a scene where I think, "why am I doing this?! I want this to stop!!!" are the ones I remember most fondly & powerfully afterwards. Tickling has so far allowed me to truly give myself over to a ler far more than any other type of play I've experienced.....& it makes me want to do it again & again, & I offer it up with pleasure & anticipation.
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